World Changing Trips

I’m an adventurer at heart. I’ve always liked to push my comfort zone, feel the fear and ride the adrenaline! In more recent years I’ve become an ardent disability advocate and campaigner.

I believe by challenging myself, encouraging disabled people to go for their dreams and to educate society on my difficult daily challenges and personal abilities: I have a new, modern, powerful and impacting method for social change.

My everyday blogs shows my adventures with my family in Cambridge, my media adventures in London and my extreme actions further afield (SCUBA diving, flying planes, and world travel are just a few).

However this area of my website highlights my more extreme, difficult and world changing journeys.

Click here to see these trips:

Epic European Disability Roadtrip
Viva Espana!
Polish Dignity and Equality
What disAbility?
Japan: a life changing visit
Europe Without Barriers

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