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I believe community is always the key to progress and change. From the most basic need of a tribe for survival (essentially our friends and family), to the bigger communities we connect with socially and professionally, human connection has and will always be vital in this world.

For disability inclusion this is why Srin and I created Disability Horizons all the way back in 2011. To give disabled people a voice where previously we struggled to be heard. To support and learn from each other. To show the world why we matter and how inclusion is just and beneficial to everyone. Ultimately taking what activists before us achieved and bringing it to the online universe.

Since then many online communities have sprouted, along with the rise of influencers (see more on the Brand page). Disability led support groups like the Disability Union are supporting disabled people and empowering disabled activists.

Here’s 10 ways I think the disabled community could progress our own inclusion in society:

  1. Accessibility: Ensuring that physical spaces, events, and online platforms are accessible to disabled people.
  2. Adjustments: Making reasonable adjustments in the workplace, educational institutions, and other settings.
  3. Disability rights laws and policies: Advocating for and implementing laws and policies that protect our rights.
  4. Disability awareness and education: Promoting disability awareness and education to help reduce stigma and promote understanding of inclusion.
  5. Employment opportunities: Providing employment opportunities for disabled people.
  6. Transportation: Improving transportation options for disabled people, including vehicles, buses, trains and planes.
  7. Health care: Ensuring that disabled people have access to quality health care services.
  8. Assistive technology: Making assistive technology more widely available and affordable to disabled people.
  9. Community involvement: Encouraging disabled people to participate in our own communities and promoting our inclusion in community activities.
  10. Media representation: Increasing representation of disabled people in the media and ensuring that our stories and experiences are accurately depicted.