I feel like all I’ve talked about about the past few years is the business case for disability inclusion AKA the Purple Pound!

Basically any business should understand that 1.3 billion people in the world having a disability is a huge opportunity. Both to do the right thing morally and legally. But moreover for the business bottom line. 

We’re a pool of talented people from a recruitment perspective. Plus we have a massive spending power of $8 trillion globally and annually.

That’s why I started Purple Goat in 2020. Please head to our website to learn all about the work we’re doing with global brands and influencer marketing.

Here’s 8 reasons brands should have better representation of disabled people:

  1. To better reflect the diversity of their customer base. Disabled people make up a significant portion of the population and are likely to be among the brand’s customers.
  2. To show that the brand is inclusive and welcoming to all people. This can help attract a wider range of customers and improve brand reputation.
  3. To provide a more accurate portrayal of disability in the world through marketing materials. 
  4. To provide role models for disabled people. Seeing people ‘just like me’ represented in mainstream media and advertising can be positively empowering for disabled people and our families.
  5. To promote understanding and acceptance. Seeing disabled people represented in the media can help reduce stigma and increase understanding of the challenges and realities of living with a disability.
  6. To stay ahead of changing social norms and consumer expectations. As society becomes more inclusive, consumers are increasingly expecting brands to reflect this inclusivity.
  7. To comply with laws and regulations that prohibit discrimination against disabled people. In many countries, it is illegal to discriminate against us in employment, advertising, and other areas.
  8. To create more authentic and effective marketing campaigns. Including disabled people in marketing campaigns can help create campaigns that are more relatable and effective.