The Serendipity of Trying New Things

On the one hand I love a comfort zone. Particularly with needing lots of care support, special equipment, and home adaptions. Plus it’s human nature to strive for calmness and tranquillity. Well for a day, at least.

On the other hand comfort zones can be dangerous. We stagnate, get complacent and take good things for granted.

It’s my belief that we are built for some kind of pursuit. Happiness is a good pursuit, although it’s not so tangible or measurable. Furthermore it’s not attainable every single day. Sometimes we wake up agitated, or lose loved ones, or get ill. No. Happiness is not the pursuit.

I think we have certain areas of life like — health, home, partner, family, money, hobbies, friends, career, community and all that jazz. We seek to grow in each area. It’s not good to pursue growth and set new challenges in each area at the same time. A comfort zone is good when offsetting the more haphazard parts of life. But my overall point is we should pursue new challenges in life.

Whenever I realise I’m in too many comfort zones I freak out. The signs are boredom, self created problems, fearing pointless future worries. Luckily I’m learning to catch these moments quicker with meditation.

Once I’ve caught the undesirable moment and realise I’m in a comfort zone — it’s time to try out something new and interesting. I then need to work out which area of life is needing a shake up. Then go for it.

Recently I was in a comfort zone of something that sounds contradictory — adventure travel! But I’d been to so many places and done so many crazy activities. I was on autopilot.

In a different part of life, I was missing local hobbies and creative friends. Meeting people abroad and doing one-off adrenaline fueled stunts is very different from doing regular local things.

So I found an adult education centre and signed up for classes. I’ve done Spanish, creative writing and debated science and religion. Beyond the uncomfortable zone, I’ve learned new knowledge, met all sorts of people and enjoyed every minute.

The teacher running the creative writing and debate classes has also become a friend. He’s helping me with my fiction writing. Also with Kasia we’ve had drinks, dinner and mind blowing chats.

Serendipity threw in a bonus! I made a new friend, who has interesting new ideas, and we all have a load of future fun meet ups together.

So I implore you to never stagnate, never allow yourself to say you’re bored, and keep life interesting. Serendipity will always reward you with fascinating outcomes. Ones you’d never have imagined from that stuffy comfort zone.

Martyn Sibley

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