Tony Heaton – Activism Through Art

Buckle up guys. Episode 3 with Tony Heaton is a long one. The stories told by the CEO of Shape Arts were too good to cut them short. Plus Tony’s lust for life shines the whole way through our interview.

I first met Tony when I was looking to leave Scope after 5 years there. A job was going at Shape Arts for their marketing manager. In my late 20’s it was a big jump, with lots of responsibility. Unfortunately I didn’t get the job, but Tony had wanted to give me the role. So much so he wrote a handwritten letter of encouragement for my future.

A true gentleman.

Over the years Tony has managed music bands, studied at art school, fought for disability rights, and managed high impact organisations. His biggest claim to fame is being commissioned for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games to create a sculpture. Not to forget his Queens honour too.

In this episode you’ll hear how he found art as a tool for activism, why changing your life every 10 years is healthy, and general thoughts on the disability movement.

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Listen to Tony and I chew the fat here.

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