Old Skool

Well today was brilliant! started off as a usual working today. I met with my line manager, to catch up on our campaigns. I always like this because despite sitting next to each other its fun to check the weekly progress and bring each other up to speed on things. we tend to have a little giggle or two as well.

Then my most independent day since moving to London started. i got a cab by myself (something I’ve only felt comfortable doing alone recently). I arrived at the face to face fundraising user group meeting in Southwark and the rather attractive receptionist signed me in and assisted me in using the lift. the meeting went well but was rather hot.

I then had between 16.00 and 17.00 to kill before meeting an old friend. so I rolled all the way from near London bridge to the London eye, stopping on the way to enjoy the river view, sunshine and street artists. It is very rare I am alone this long and I felt a buzz at having my own company and managing fine 🙂 I also was stopped by a street fundraiser who had tried to sign me up for the NSPCC 2 weeks prior, I told her maybe 3rd time lucky if we were to bump into each other again.

The day then ends with a meeting with a mate who I have known since 5 years old. Gareth was in my class in reception. I catch up with him sometimes when visiting mum and dad back home. turns out he was doing a weeks work experience in the city as a stock trader. so we arranged to meet for a drink near the eye. was so good seeing him after a while, especially in London. I forget now Im here how much of a dream of mine it was to live in our capital. In hanging with a mate from childhood yrs but while living out this dream really hit home how much I have achieved to have my house and job here.

After a beer and a long walk back to London Bridge Nandos we caught up on jobs, travels, women, old skool friends and the southbank. Hopefully he’ll get a permanent job here and we can catch up more often. I guess I love the London buzz but do miss some of my longer time friends and family who arent here each and every day.