I’m a survivor

Hello people on this Saturday afternoon. Cant believe spurs just drew 0-0 with Hull so annoying but still we are not nearing relegation hey. So this weeks been a tough one. Still picking myself up from flu, struggling through the energy needed to work and then a broken car with an influx of snow making buses impossible and taxis hit and miss – its been horrible. Still, I managed to make it to work every day and am alive now. I had a nice meal Tuesday with Alessandra in Angel where Vic Reeves and Paul Whitehouse were too – oooovavooo, green army! Wednesday Toby popped round as u saw from the video blog. Thursday was chilled with a skype call to a st.ives councillor about accessibility in the future, and i have been asked to meet the comms dept at Hackney council about my helping adult social care roll outs – more to come after we meet. Last night was randomly hilarious – video to come… Today just been writing a strategy for the www.jtsma.org.uk sub group Im chair of. Really interesting. At the big 2-day board meeting on 30th Jan it’ll feed together for the overall strategy…

Tonight is my mums family get together for sister Claires 21st birthday. We’re dressing as ravers. Never had 35 people in 1 house before but def not 35 ravers lol. Should be fun. Chillaxing tomorrow and then work Monday before Tenerife Tuesday! Bring it on please… so hope my luck changes after  a bit of warmth…

Quick note on this link – http://www.guardian.co.uk/politics/2010/jan/14/tories-plan-fund-disabled-people/print – I planned to run for councillor in May in Hackney. I still plan to but in the future. overall i have too much on at present. I would obv improve issues for disabled people, but more so feed into education which is more king than cash in my opinion, as well as give people more of a voice to feed into the political system. The above link will help me no end as at present there are so many inaccessible venues if i was campaigning, i would need a support worker to assist me and overall it encourages someone like me to get involved when its not traditional.

I am still helping the lib dems in Hackney and attending a workshop on mobilising disabled voters for the elections. All interesting stuff.

So this is my last blog before Tenerife I would imagine. Hope you are all well in the meantime and i look forward to feeding back on the trip. Take care for now!

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