So it seems the sun and chill out did me the world of good. The car is taking me from A to B. I have been in work since Wednesday and feeling much stronger in myself. Could it be my luck is changing… fingers crossed.

Tenerife itself was awesome. I set off with David at 4am last Tuesday where we met Billy at the airport. The 4 hour flight did give me rather a dead bum but otherwise wheelchair and myself were thrown around safely and arrived in one piece that afternoon. A lovely german girl met us for payment of the accessible taxi from www.lero.net and we then headed for the hotel.

The hotel was accessible with walk in shower and generally very nice. Our room had no daylight which was strange when waking but otherwise all was ok. It was called the zentral center in Playa de las Americas. We unpacked and headed for the beach and food. All of the shops, restaurants, bars and clubs were near to the hotel and the beach.

I will not give a boring day by day account but needless to say with 25 degrees of sun, the beach, friendly bars and good restaurant food I was very happy. There were many wheelchairs and scooters due to wintersol rehab hotel www.vintersol.com, and I also met a lady from Sweden scoping the area for her clients at www.claraassistans.se . I planned to use the pool hoist and amphibian land and sea chair which for going in the sea, but my ipod and sunbathing passed the time sufficiently.

The video shows a lot of stuff too including Lula the lovely Argentinian barmaid who we befriended. With very few youngens (we brought the average age down to 75) the workers were a bit bored and had time to socialise. Lula provided us with many cocktails and promises to come visit London later in the year where I can show her the sights.

Bring on mexico next hey…

Let me know if you want more details on the trip especially with wheelchair access advice in mind. It seemed an excellent place for disabled people and I would definitely recommend this…