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So this is my first blog on, how cool is that?…

The ideas around this site have been bumbling around my head for so long and it feels amazing to have laid them out. There is still sooooo much more I want to do on the site, on my other web tools and more so in talking to other people about my content while learning more from them.

I hope all is self explanatory but to welcome you here –

this section “daily perspective” will be my daily random stories and thoughts with videos and pics

“my journey” tells you a bit about me and why I have created the site

“to dare is to d”o – the mighty Tottenham Hotspurs motto shares helpful links from my personal experiences

wiser words is a deeper look at some disability issues

“holla” just explains how to reach me

I hope you find this helpful, will add to this, share ideas, tell others who may like my site and basically keep it real 🙂