Sam and Jamie come to town

Having decided to not risk my intellectual voice of reason on disability being clouded by my social ongoings, I debated lessening the video coverage of my nights out. And then Sam and Jamie who I have known since we were born came last night to visit me in London :-p

Seriously though every time I go out, I am getting more and more comfortable with transport, wading through the crowds from lower down in the chair and generally confident with relaxing into the crazy London life.

I have been here nearly 2 years and I used to get so wound up about using the buses and which pubs are accessible. Over time I’ve learnt to trial and error which pubs are good and will remain to do so for a while yet. While the buses will always be hit and miss! The key is I am taking these things as they come.

Friday night I was slightly more than drunk (shall we say very relaxed) and the bus dropped the ramp short of the pavement. I went straight off the curb (which apparently was a double curb) and almost tipped out the chair. The people of London and on the bus were amazing. They jumped off the bus grabbed me and the chair and helped me up the ramp. Then we realised I’d dropped my phone and they grabbed the doors open to save my phone. I have a new view on Londoners being rude and unhelpful from this.

So Sam and Jamie are one of the last people I wanted to introduce you to. We have all grown up togther, been on great holidays and are very close. They would do anything for me and vice versa. The video shows how much of a laugh we had along with Shaz and David. Shaz didn’t come to the club but she was in form earlier chilling in the flat as always.

Today I am absolutely relaxing and reading before work tomorrow. Still has been a lovely weekend and realise how much I do miss that deep friendship that is harder to find in the capital city where life is much faster.