Back online!

Despite having the net at work I never knew how horrible it feels to lose internet, especially when trying to keep up on my blogs. Last Friday it went down and only tonight am I back online.

Todays activities will follow in their own outright exciting blog, but this will bring you up to speed of my last days.

I’ve been wanting to give a massive shout out to AJ, Melissa and all the guys from the LAC Project. Please check them out at The reason they deserve this MASSIVE shout out is ten fold. AJ gave a talk I attended at the IOF conference, from his inspirational talk I emailed him about my wanting to make this website happen. I met with him and his wife Melissa in a coffee bar and this dream of mine began due to their belief. They have been so great with support on setting this up but moreso they are just lovely people with a great philosophy on life. AJ, Melissa and Dino – you seriously rock!!! Thank you so so much.

And so knowing of AJ and Melissa I can tell you we spent last Friday eating, chatting about all sorts and drinking till 5am. Despite a long stressful week at work it was such a great night and reminded me of the chats at uni on the big questions, alcohol does that to me 🙂 I really hope we hook up again and wish them well with their business and travels.

Saturday I chilled over at my work mates house in Muswell Hill. We went for a cool walk with Chris and her friend Joc from Australia. Then ate soooo much awesome turkish food before passing out in front of the departed with “Matt Damon” and di caprio. Hilarity of the day was needing to get my chair up the front stairs and utilising some random cover to an electrical street aparatus as a ramp. I understand the bare wires are covered now and it held up as a ramp in the moment…

sunday chilled back at mums with del boy (my step grandad whos 80 and a legend) and my sister. monday i got up early to drive the 2 hrs to work as couldnt be bothered the night before.

tuesday I managed to upset my neighbours. bhav and joc came over along with shaz (bhav and shaz r both my quality mates from work and they are inseparable). david cooked a lovely roast, we drank some wine and hit singstar. then it happened. we drank some more and some more before they went for a cig break. 1 hr later me and shaz had found an abandoned sofa and i used my wheelchair to push her round the courtyard. i know david, bhav and joc went in probably pre empting the noise being too loud, but really it was too funny to stop. imagine looking out your window to see a wheelchair pushing a sofa along with a giggling girl lying on it, classic. we went in as someone shouted out the window at us. the rest blurs away but we danced and sang till 2am, yesterday was a wipe out. then today came and check the next blog 🙂