Well another busy period since I last checked in from Brighton. Work was very busy as I am off this week, so was getting things tied up.

Saturday I thoroughly enjoyed the cricket despite the absolute thrashing England received. The video shows the day.

Saturday night I had Shaz and Bhav over for food and a movie. Sunday we read the papers and prepared a lovely roast lamb. We then had some wine with dinner and downloaded some new singstar songs. Feeling tired they kipped over last night too but it was no sofa pushing crazy night, just a relaxed one.

Today I’ve been helping my friend Rich who’s coming down for Germany. He has managed to break his electric and manual chair. therefore he’s stuck in everyway. he has managed to get a hire manual but they dont deliver. hopefully he’ll make it on the train… it really is a disabled persons worst nightmare, like having your legs chopped off.

I will leave you here as I have much to do for rich and packing. I will post the germany blog and video on sunday which i am excited about as a fun time catching up with Rico in Leipzig and catching how 2 wheelchairs get around a city with german speakers 🙂

Have a great week everyone…