Training Day

I want to press some bigger points around disability and today I certainly did. I did something I have never before, more to come… I also want to maintain the familiarity of my blogs and randomness I get up to. Hence I have introduced you to Shaz from work (Bhav, her counterpart will appear soon too) and Billy whom I’ve know 20 yrs and is an absolute best mate in the world. see the video below. As always a very funny night…

So why was today a big deal? well Esther, a former colleague at scope and comedy guru (big plans in the pipeline for groundbreaking comedy to come), lives in Reading. We have not caught up in a while so I went to visit. Without the car still 🙁 I took the train and decided to travel alone. I drive my car on routes I know well all alone and have taken taxis, but buses and trains are risky for me. It remains hard to get on and certainly off buses with the drivers being ignorant to the ramps and help I may need.

my main bad experience on the trains was with my ex girlfriend from uni, Lex. we were travelling from Coventry uni to Huntingdon station and the ramp guy was nowhere. So Lex went to look, doors closed and I was heading to London alone. it took an extra hr to change trains and get home. hence I have worries and reservations about trains.

Despite overcoming this and going with my PAs David and Chris i have NEVER done this alone. I can safely say the day went well and I feel liberated. To manage getting on and off with no hitches was cool, but the time alone on the train is something I do not often have. I realise with people around me at work and the absolutely brilliant care I am grateful for from the boys means I do not often have much time alone. It was really something to relax, be with my thoughts and be so independent like this.

The day in reading was brilliant too. I always love seeing Esther as we have similar sense of humour, catch up on life and get on well. I would recommend Reading too. the walk by the river, good shops and nice restaurants is top notch. I’m off to plan my next solo trip now 🙂 p.s. spurs won 5-0, yes!!!