BBC article on Direct Payments

This article was on the bbc website today. My response to Donal Macntyre is below

Hi Donal

I did not manage to hear the podcast yesterday but read the article online by a beeb reporterI work as a fundraiser for Scope but am not in policy or campaigns. However I am a sociable 26 year old guy working full time and living independently. Therefore this is my personal view rather than that of my charity’s.

My overriding feeling from the article is it was so so negative to direct payments. I understand that not everyone can deal with the complexities of running your own care. However with the right advice and training on this management the freedom, choice and control it gives is far worth the effort.

I know of people stuck in the old routine with a different support worker each visit, no continuity, respect or time keeping. With your own support you hire, fire and have the contract set out to protect you and support you. To say by having a support worker they will take your money and rip you off is very misleading. There is always a risk but with good recruitment, CRB checks and common sense it can be enlightening.

I just wanted to put a balance on the article. Apologies if the podcast was more balanced. Overall with the right angle for the right people direct payments are basically right 🙂

To see how I get on with basically a severe disability please check

Kind regards