The bad and the good

Bad = I have been rather bunged up since Sunday but so far its off my chest. Spoke to doc and we agree to have more anti b’s ready if I need them when current ones finish Friday. I am worried about my immunity but I am going back tomorrow, its only 2 days and I hope this 1 will pass over, I may just need to get back to norm to get better having rested up so much…

I have unfortunately missed numerous xmas parties including the big Scope one tonight. It really is that time of year. I hope its a good night and I can attend next year instead. I guess main thing is to be well for xmas itself now and new yrs.

Good = Since the video on Monday I have read some more books and watched tv some more. Alessandra kindly popped over last night to cook some dinner and have a catch up. Was nice to see someone from out there 🙂

Also has been recognised by the american disability site disaboom – I saw this on thier twitter account and it has led to many people viewing the site in the USA – GREAT NEWS! Also the local Cambridge paper who covered the fundraising events for my chairs and cars mentioned on my blog “Don’t give to get, give to glow” well they are covering a story on a big thanks to those who supported the events, an update on my progress and mentioning this site. I really hope with more hits and comments a community can come from the site.

As always lets hope Im 100% well by next blog! I am really looking forward to xmas now 🙂