The past days

Since having been back from Tenerife and to work I made it to Rufus’ leaving do Wednesday night. I was on the diet coke and drove due to tiredness from landing the day before but was good to send him off. He is a good guy and will be missed at Scope. Then Thursday night I attempted to watch Antoni from the canteen’s band called mercy house – It was in the purple turtle, Camden but unfortunately had steps in. So myself and Alessandra stayed in Camden for food and some cocktails elsewhere. The band is metal so I am wondering if I was saved lol. In all seriousness I will go another time when its accessible.

After a nice catch up and so forth, Alessandra’s friend needed to meet us to retrieve his luggage from her house. Was an interesting chat with Bruno as he has been in London for 1 week looking for sales work. He was employed as a charity door to door fundraiser and explained his concerns to this and why he quit soon after. His points were valid from the experience he has had but the look on his face was funny when I explained my job was to project manage this exact activity along with my other projects. More on the counter argument later.

Having finished work Friday I spent the evening reading the board notes for JTSMA quarterly meeting this weekend. Being a trustee means we have to create strategies, sign off budgets and monitor that the trust is acting in the best way for the members. There is more info on my disability called SMA and the trusts activities at The weekend included the usual meeting of current matters, a workshop with the staff for the 2012 strategy and approving 10/11’s budget. I also now chair the membership committee so had to update the board on this specifically. We all enjoyed an all you can eat buffet in Stratford-upon-avon at Jimmy spices, very much recommended. Chris had 5 plate fulls and it was great to catch up with the trustees socially. I made it home a little tired after a tesco shop before the football and chilling tonight.