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Both are from Scope’s news round-up!

Dancing on Wheels (BBC3, Thu) The Sunday Times, Sunday 14 Feb.
You remember Monkey Tennis? From Alan Partridge’s list of TV proposals that were patently absurd? This could be one of them. Dancing on Wheels. Almost literally car-crash broadcasting. I wish they’d filmed the meeting where the disability access convener proposed it. And, one by one, editors and commissioners nodded that they thought it was an innovative and entertaining idea whose time had come. It’s not that dancing in a wheelchair is absurd. People can do whatever they want: dance in wheelchairs, without wheelchairs, in wheelbarrows. What was misbegotten was the format of pairing men and women with able-bodied partners who weren’t professional dancers but those celebrities bred specifically for reality shows, who then are made to do all the predictable, stressful “work”, get knocked out by judges and burst into tears. It’s not the wheelchair that’s humiliating, it’s the vile format pasted onto the disabled to give it an extra twist of pathos. And what does wheelchair dancing look like? What do you think? Silly and kitsch. If it were in a club or at a wedding, it would be as exciting and touching as anyone else dancing. In a reality show, it’s manipulation on wheels.

CO-OP cater for disabled hols; holiday news The Sun, Saturday 13 Feb.
High Street travel agents have been slammed for not catering for disabled people. A survey found 93 per cent of disabled travellers say their holiday choice is restricted because of their disability. Now the Co-op have launched a new tailored service aimed specifically at disabled travellers. The service is available at 40 shops UK-wide with plans to extend to all 410 branches.