Wiser words of the day

Happy Thursday people! I’ve been racking my tired brain for news related or wiser thoughts generally on disability. I think its such a prevalent thing in every day senses I dont even consciously see things that should be improved. guess if i always saw the negatives it could send one crazy. one thing from my day in day out view is tomorrow night i want to go for a drink with colleagues in oxford street. i will taxi it there from work and then home but what about the car? if i take the bus to work tomorrow am it often takes 5 buses due to being turned away with weird drivers, faulty ramps and other buggies. this means i get cold and possibly ill. so i may drive to work, leave it there but then need to somehow pick the car up saturday – less bus problems but still cold and a hassle. if only the tube was accessible hey…

Anyway back to normality. chilled monday, had chinese with gemma and craig from work tuesday. we chatted loads and caught up which was great. i went to the NSPCC yesterday morning for work as Scope are part of a consortia of charities for payroll giving with NSPCC, red cross, RSPB and help the aged/age concern. turned out the guy from age concern was the brother of the girl who does my old job in HR at scope – small world. then last night david cooked a lovely beef casserole for alessandra and i along with ice cream and wine – he is a legend and a carer lol.

today had another external meeting for street and door to door fundraisers in southwark. bite of food and shower now while waiting for aj and melissa to pop in before they go to barcelona tomorrow. they are over from new york assisting in the planning for this years IOF conference where i met them last year leading to this blog happening. we’re meeting properly next friday for a boozier one.

I have also had an invite from a friend called natasha wood – google her shes awesome as a stand up comedian (from her wheelchair), on the ‘one show’ and goks how to look good naked. im looking at finances heavily and deciding should i go? u now it has to happen tho 🙂 bring on the fun in june!