Mexico – Dolphins and Diving

Well well well, other than the quick “I’m stranded” update I have been quite quiet for 2 weeks. The reason as you’ll know was my extended trip to Mexico. The video speaks a thousand words so I will attempt to explain the bits the video didn’t.

The holiday began months ago when my great mum starting looking into the flights, transfers and accommodation viability with my chair. Having agreed it was ok with some research we booked it and eventually flew Saturday 10th April. The early start and long travel did take its toll but the lead in time was worse from work and other events, I ended up with antibiotics on arrival. However the parking and buses at Gatwick were happily smooth as was the 11 hour flight.

We arrived at 14.00 Mexican time and our specially arranged and extra priced, but perfect bus was waiting with ramps and all for me. As you see on the video  (I recommend buffering for a while and watching it once its loaded) the hotel was beautiful. With nice rooms, great surroundings, all you can eat and drink restaurants and bars plus a pool and hotel beach – there were no complaints.

With the stresses and chest infection I just chilled by the pool and was off the alcohol most of the week. However I did manage to chat to most the resort the way my grandpa would be proud, honed some of my Spanish “por supesto” and swam most days. On the Wednesday I swam with the dolphins. Now unfortunately due to a tropical storm I missed my 45 minute slot but mum persuaded them to allow us a 10 minute go later. Due to my knees not straightening the dolphins were careful and wouldn’t come as close but when turned sideways I managed to stroke and give them a kiss. They were amazing creatures to be near and I really enjoyed it. I also somehow managed to do SCUBA diving. Was a strange feeling but in knowing I could pull Lisa’s hand I wouldn’t drown and relaxed into it. Maybe next time I will do it in the sea. I also snorkelled in the pool.

Then as the news showed the Icelandic volcano erupted and effected the whole world. While it was nice to have an extended trip and our room and food was covered, I did have my new job to start plus I was concerned the expenses paid part would subside with consequences such as no hotel, spending lots of money or being flown to Madrid to then work things out. As mentioned my travels need planning and the unknown was stressful. On the good side after some rain in the main week the extra days were better weather and I was off medicine so I could drink.

It was one of the best trips ever on reflection. A pleasure to be with the family, especially my sister who is now 21 and we get on so well these days. Also swimming so much, especially with the dolphins etc was off the hook. For any Mexico/Cancun wheelchair advice please email me, but chair or not definitely go!

Other news is Grandad Del went to hospital with a suspected stroke which is worrying for all but he is back and on the mend for now. Also my good friend Toby recovered a little but went back downhill with a chest infection and is still in intensive care. I keep hoping he will pull through ok. It has left me thinking a lot about my energy and health. I feel good post holiday but have had more chest infections than normal, may be a sign to slow down a little. Once Toby and Grandad are better I will totally chill and then roll on into enjoying my new job, enjoying my summer inc. World cup and generally spend good quality leisure time such as the sunnier days philosophy.