Room 101

Well post 101! Just realised my last blog was my 100th. Amazing to have written so much rubbish in this time, a very proud moment :-p So since my last update blog you will have read about the illusive event. Very proud to have managed to set this up – getting the venue, speakers and concept. Just need the people to go to the link below.

The weekend was cool. drove back to mums friday, shaz came on the train later, we went for dinner with 15 family people before drinks in town with the lads. was cool for shaz to see st.ives and meet all my close people. i tried my suit on for rob, my step bro’s wedding in july saturday am. then grabbed lunch in cambridge before shaz left 5pm. then deaf dave (my cousin) and sam the gymnast chilled over mine for the evening. sunday we had a lovely dinner at robs cooked by his fiance colleen. great catching up with my niece, jazzy, too. sunday night went out and got absolutely smashed. so much so that i cant remember 1 hour, my chair broke on the dancefloor so i sat still pulling shapes until my sister and billy fixed it. so hungover i watched greatest story ever told, bout jesus who seemed to be a pretty cool guy, and i zombied out. david my pa was ill tuesday so i worked from mums and drove back last night.

great thing about st.ives and the lads is i know i can get home and they will lookout for me. think thats why i got so hammered as i just chilled into a great night 🙂

work is manic finishing up for friday. my car ramp is still not working without someone else helping. they are coming after mexico to fix it. also my hoist is breaking. so i call the number – they only come out cambridge area. then they realise i brought the hoist to london. so i gotta give the hoist back, get a new one in hackney which is gonna take ages and basically go through red tape. why? we live in the uk! weird u cant move from one city to another without care and hoist meltdown within the local authorities…

tonight as my role of chair to sub group for the membership of JTSMA i held a conference call. then i heard also my good friend toby is unwell. he is the chair of all trustees. he has a liver and chest infection. im quite worried about him and plan to visit tomorrow. seems he has taken a worse turn today. fingers crossed…

just need to get through tired levels for 2 more days then its cancun! 🙂