“Checking in”

Is it Bank holiday Monday already? wow! I feel like I blink and a week goes by. As mentioned in my last blog the first sunnier days event went so well. I worked at home Monday due to water problems in the office. Tuesday I had a good chill after work with Shaz over a carbonara while I heard from the specialist place that the car door couldnt be fixed and needs to go away – again. then as i went to move it the computer software packed up for a while too. while I have the back up of taxis to work now, it really is tiring and stressing me out. its not just the inconvenience of how to travel but the coordination of mending it too becomes tiresome.

Wednesday I watched junior apprentice, loving that at the moment. then thursday i met a really cool guy called glen crosier who works in the personalisation agenda arena going on for disabled people. the main aim of this is looking at what disabled people want to do, not what they cant do, and finding ways to make it happen. with my work for hackney council, first talk i am doing is 24th june, we discussed some possible collaborative work after. either way he is a nice guy and was helpful to chat on this area.

Friday i had a really interesting course on the principles of copywriting with the CIM and a great guy called Jonathan Gabaya. I learnt a lot of theory to back up yourself when writing copy for fundraising at scope. he also gave me a version of his book which was very generous. i had left the weekend free as my mate billy and step brother jamie were due to come visit. unfortunately they couldnt make it so i made the most of the chill time friday night and saturday. i read, watched tv, ate some good food and chilled.

Yesterday chris came on shift and i decided i needed to do something. so we met with alessandra and her friend zeina in camden for a few drinks. they had wanted to go see sex and the city 2. it was not even an option for me and chris. we assumed they would not go or leave us to watch it. then in a horrible twist of events having plyed me and chris with alcohol they started their assault to persuade us. the deciding factor was there is alcohol in vue cinema. so god knows how, all 4 of us went to see the bloody film. it was awful!!! honest to god, i tried to give it a chance but it really did suck. we made some good comedy moments en route with 2 274 buses passing without stopping, chris thought it was his lucky night. then inside the film we managed to kip a bit and throw popcorn at the girls. for me it had been too long since i had the energy to be out, not cold, get tipsy, stay up later and let off some steam by being a bit silly. much needed. then the buses wouldnt stop or the ramp wouldnt work. having got a bus just to finsbury we had to walk the rest home. took one and a half hours to get from angel 🙁 but it was still a right laugh.

now, you may have noticed on twitter and facebook i have found foursquare. as a friend called louise commented on facebook it is freaky. basically with my new htc smartphone (ker-ching, it is amazing) you have gps. so using that to locate where you are, you can check in to bus routes, pubs, whatever, to show where you. pointless you say? well its an extension of twitter with updates, but u add tips if u want. so i have started adding tips to all these places about wheelchair access. u also get points for new places, lots of checkins and can become mayor when you have been somewhere the most. badges are given for new things. moreover it allows you to share with friends places to explore and meet. i was worried about my location being known but in this world people can find out if they want to anyway, this is just a way of being closer and social with your friends.

Chilling with the paralympic world cup now. the football was weird with a dutch guy running quicker than usain bolt, wondering his disability? wheelchair basketball is always my favourite. along with the swimming as my good friend fran williamson rocks that world. regardless of sport or disability specification, its good seeing disability sport on bbc2, next its bbc1 and then maybe sky one day 😉