Horses for Courses

Another much needed night out last night, but it wasn’t like any usual night. Update on the week first – did not manage swimming Tuesday as had lots to prepare before going to mums wednesday. Work was all good but no big news. So Wednesday came and the car didn’t. A little addition to before was the oil light was a faulty lamp, which was replaced, a service was due in a month so they did that too, but they found a nail in my tyre. motability have a contract with kwik fit which meant the garage couldnt fix it and kwik fit had to send a mobile unit out to this other garage. madness. anyway not having the car meant a train ride for me and my carer, a taxi from huntingdon to mums, the same taxi without me to dads to collect the spare wheelchair and bring back to mums = costly. you may ask why – this was as my wheelchair needed a service after 2 and a half years. so i worked from mums thursday and friday. the firm doing it collected my normal chair and did the service in 2 days and returned it friday night. needed quite a bit of work and has cost £380 but i need it too vitally to not have this work done. friday night i watched england match – too angry to discuss this performance. then saturday was the stag do!

Drove with chris to newmarket race course and met the 38 others there for my step brothers stag party. they all took the bus but wasn’t accessible. so i stayed sober, won the fitst race, got pretty damn cold and wet before driving to Norwich. had to wait 20 mins with hands under the heater before i could drive. was convinced  we would be late but turned out the bus load of stag goers needed multiple wee stops so me and chris were  at the hotel first. quite a sight you know seeing 30 odd people at a norwich travelodge getting off a bus tipsy. very alan partridge as some friends pointed out on facebook. so we checked in and i hit the hotel bar to play catch up with those drinking since 12. we were at the riverside area and started in a bar nearby. wasnt long at all before we were all on the dancefloor with some very attractive girls wondering what the cambridge boys were doing in norwich.

we then moved on to a club called mercy. i fell into the trap of being on the dancefloor early, enjoying the space to move my chair all over, have a few more drinks and feel very content. then the crowds swarmed in and next thing im dancing without moving the chair, just my arms, and im surrounded. a couple of times i felt chlostrophobic not being able to move especially if the lads moved on i would have been stranded and no means of using the loo too lol. however we stuck together and i just danced some more. then ‘roll deep’ came on, the crowd went wild and moet champagne was sprayed everywhere. lovely. i got some footage on my phone which i will try and upload. after this my body ached from dancing so much and i hit the wall. next thing i realised most the crew had dispersed. i tracked my step brother down, not the one marrying thats robbie, but jimbo, in the hotel. there were murmurs of going back out but i was done. headed to bed at 3 and slept like a baby.

was surreal driving back today lunchtime after a heavy night. car did well. i watched italy game half asleep and went for a long walk with mum in st.ives after i had revived after the journey back. had a bath and then got dad and kate for a fathers day curry. was good to catch up. having dropped them back feeling full claire pulls out this cd with all the latest r n b tunes from the clubs. we went for a spin and a sing. ive just burned it for my car and the rest of the summer. annual leave tomorrow in the am for dentist and final suit fitting for wedding before work pm and a catch up with shaz after work. bed now as im hanging out of chair typing this and need my beauty sleep. hope u all had a good weekend and ready to cheer on england this wednesday.

motability taken my complaint email quite seriously from last week so hope to have some answers to this saga very soon. at least cars working and i am feeling more independent, happy and back to feeling like Martyn 🙂