Birthday blog

I thought I had better write a blog tonight before the birthday celebrations kick off this weekend. 27 tomorrow and I have felt both 17 and 37 through parts of the past year, guess it averages out hey. Its been a mega year:

  • I was pretty unwell for the first prolonged time of my working life in the winter months
  • The car was an absolute nightmare throughout winter too
  • I picked myself up with an amazing trip to Mexico – dolphins and scuba diving
  • I started a new job at Scope straight after
  • I setup my first ever disability event (‘Sunnier Days’ starring Natasha Wood and Sophie Morgan)
  • I also carried out some consultancy projects around Personalisation and social media
  • Had articles published on these subjects in Disability Now
  • Been co-opted on the committee for Tottenham Hotspurs disabled supporters
  • Co-ran a workshop on disability tips/hints at the JTSMA conference
  • Had some great times with family and friends – clubbing, Bournemouth, Stratford etc
  • Flew a bloody plane and recorded a song (coming soon)

More recently I have been both exhausted and unwell. I know now I have to watch how much I do in life at any one time. We all live and learn. I’d still say no regrets as the push I have had the past year means I can continue these great things but only when I have it in the tank. Its definitely been worth it.

The past week my ex girlfriend, but definite life-long friend Lena has been over. I was a little frustrated I had so little energy and the cold was bad that I couldn’t be as sociable as normal. However its been a great week catching up nonetheless. We had a real good chin wag and managed a great evening on the Southbank before cruising around the London sights in the car afterwards to some tunes last night.

Also the past couple of days I have been very aware of my concerns about being ill so early in the year, with winter coming and my ability to carry on normal life if the colds keep coming. The problem is I enter a vicious circle of getting ill, worrying about how bad it will be and if I can work ok, that it doesn’t improve as quick. Having had a chat with work and creating a strategy for a) preventing my getting run down and b) what to do if I am ill, I am feeling so much more positive.

This led onto the first clear thinking I have had on life for a long while. People who know me understand I don’t let my disability stop me, I hate doing things ‘differently’ and I am a sociable and ambitious fellow. Having calmed myself around health and working with the coming colder months, I came to the following conclusion of my priorities:

  • First is my health. I plan to take Echinacea, vitamins and most importantly eat better. Also to not overdo anything and listen to my body when it says chill. Looking forward to swimming starting up again after schools holidays.
  • Second is my job. I love working at Scope and obviously it provides me with the means to be independent. Now I can relax about health worries and totally enjoy my role.
  • Third is social life. While I cant overdo it I reckon I need a night a week and something on the weekend to enjoy. I plan to book some concerts I have spotted (with birthday money), read books more, just chill in a coffee bar sometimes and still manage a good booze up with mates too. Furthermore spurs are in the champions league too J
  • Last but not least is extra stuff. I love blogging, supporting disability charities, writing articles, advising the Tottenham Disabled Supporters Association, consulting on social media and personalisation. These will definitely not stop. I am simply going to space out these projects and run them as a marathon and not a sprint (as I maybe have done this summer).

So I will be interested to see how much I stuck to this new insight and plan. Lets have a look at 28, or even New Years Eve. Either way it feels great to see the world from a simpler, workable and happy perspective. I do still feel a little tired and under par but I think it will pass soon.

All that is left is to get to work tomorrow, enjoy my team birthday lunch at Wagamama and then enjoy mine and Shashika’s joint birthday bash in Angel. Looks like well over 50 Scope people are attending. Could get messy. Then I am back to mums Saturday for a potential barbecue and St.Ives massive get together in town. Dad then suggested Sunday pub lunch to see him and get pressies. Then I have Monday off for annual leave and a nice chill, plus to spend some of my bday money. Finally I am off to Wales Tuesday/Wednesday before a meeting with Tottenham Hotspurs for work on Thursday. Happy times.  I will check in again in the meantime I am sure. Cheers, Martyn.


  1. Another brilliant blog Martyn…. Its definitely about finding that work/life/health balance. Small bites of the apple, and you’re less likely to choke x

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