1. Martyn this is so awesome. You really are doing a great Travel in Disability Forum….. something we could only have dreamed of doing. What wonderful support you have, also! Especially loved the “this is Real America” comment with your fabulous cool British accents! Also, thanks for mentioning the better accessibility in Vegas – hope New York & UK can get a clue ! Posting this everywhere as your whole group is sensational!

    (& I noticed Martyn – it looks like you do have some core strength …. it would be great for you to try our chair on your next trip to US – Tampa Florida ….. prototype 2 will be ready next spring/summer! Can’t wait!.)
    God Bless !
    Sonshine & Merry Lynn Morris

  2. Impressed by how slick this video is! We must chat soon and you can give me editing tips!

  3. Great video Martyn – thanks for sharing. Make sure you send me one of the next trip!

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