Campaigning for the fist bump

We are all aware of the high five and fist bump as greetings right!? Without regurgitating the Wikipedia explanations, these two types of informal greetings are a part of our everyday lives. Influenced by sporting celebrities and embraced by the masses, they have often replaced the handshake in our everyday, social interactions. This article is to explain, in a ‘tongue-in-cheek way’, the campaign to only use the fist bump.

Back in the day I used to bowl a cricket ball over arm, have tennis rallies with my step brother and reach light switches. Since my Spinal Muscular Atrophy has collaborated with age, these activities are no longer possible. Nor is lifting my elbow above my arm rest or scratching my head. As my regular blog readers know, this is not said negatively, just factually, and never stops me living a great life. However, more recently I have noticed a slow creep back into social norms of high fiving. These people must be stopped…

I have long been an advocate of the fist bump. With minimal dexterity required to make a fist and a short bump – as the meerkat dude would say “simples”. With the high five, I have more chance of marrying Beyonce than performing this social greeting. It also leaves a slight awkwardness. Imagine, someone says “high five” and I either laugh and runaway, attempt it and fail, or do what I have now learnt “no, low five!”. It saves some embarrassment, but does then seem like I am awkward or less respectful from my demanding and changing of the interaction. Even this low five is tricky when the weather is cold and my hands seize up into a claw

My conclusion is that the hand shake should remain (but with me you need to go 70%), the high five is a no go (unless awkward moments are your thing), but the fist bump is ideal, practical, cool, down-with-the-kids and my preferred option. Therefore I urge the government to change their policy on this matter and outlaw high-fiving with the SMA crew and other arm limited gangsters out there!

Have a good weekend 😉

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  1. totally! Hand shakes tend to dislocate my wrists, and high fives mess my shoulders – Fist bump= by far the best 😀

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