Martyn, what is a webinar??

Fresh from running my baby and creation #disabilitywebinars last night – I realised many people are still a little confused what a webinar is. Having run a few, I am now feeling comfortable with the complex technology alongside the challenges of presenting and fielding questions. So, I thought it was time to tell you the amazing benefits of my webinars and get more of you on board! Here is a quick guide:

1) Its easy to register. Just click here and choose the webinars for you. Once on the relevant sign up pages, fill out the 5 simple boxes (first name, last name, email address, if you are disabled and how you heard about the webinars)

2) You will then receive an email explaining exactly how to log in to the session. Generally you will download a simple piece of software to enable attendance. Then just click the link prior to the scheduled time of your session and enjoy

3) The webinar itself consists of a variety of topics: for disabled parents, the teenage years, Independent Living (accessible housing, work, benefits, social care, transport etc) and accessing leisure/travel/adventure

4) You will see the view on my computer such as powerpoint slides, word documents and websites. Meanwhile you will hear my voice explaining them. For anyone with specific access requirements please do get in touch, I am sure we can make the right adjustments for you.

5) Having heard my theories, personal experiences and seen the embarassing pictures; you have 15/20 minutes to ask me questions. This has proved the most valuable time for individuals to really draw out of my experiences on things that can help their life.

6) A webinar lasts 1 hour but on special occasions (such as last night) I offer a free one hour skype session. This morning I chatted with a lovely girl in Northern Ireland having care package problems at university. Get in touch if this is of benefit to you too 🙂

Here’s a little video to show a webinar in action:

So, I hope I have explained the concept better, that you understand the value in my presentations, you are no longer put off by the technology and you will join the next session? – Independent Living Part 1 – Sign up now

The webinar holds up to 1000 people, but without losing the personal touch. I am happy to share emails, twitter handles and so forth on the follow-up email (allowing the audience to network). Please share this blog, share the ‘online-learning’ link and the sign-up url’s! The more the merrier 🙂 See you on Wednesday 14th September…