Free 30 minute Skype call

If you hadn’t already picked up on this; I love supporting disabled people who know they truly can achieve their dreams, but for varying reasons keep hitting external barriers.

I have learnt that with someone who:

  • can listen and understand
  • has hit those barriers themselves
  • thought, strategised, planned and pushed onwards
  • through sheer grit, determination and willpower smashed the barriers down


Since going self employed, running the magazine, delivering webinars and interacting more online, I have met so many cool people. On a few occasions I have offered 30 minutes of my time, for free, to give the above points to disabled people, parents and professionals.

The feedback was that the inspiration, information and targets we set together enabled them to go off and implement the changes they needed to. Since then, things have improved for these guys and they are now progressing by themselves.

This post is to offer the first 10 people who contact me a free 30 minute skype call. I am not looking to sell paid sessions thereafter, or launch a mentoring project. I just want to do this because it makes a huge difference to you guys!

If you think a chat, some new ideas and a few goals will help you, then holla me on [email protected]