1. Hi Martyn, great to hear that you have arrived in Spain safe and sound, great room, shame it looks like your staying in a hospital, as for your shower not being movable, just ask your PA to aim it at the desired spot and hope for the best, beggars cant be choosers. Have you done any work yet? (ha, ha). Seriously now, well done for getting there and for continuing to set us a a good example, your are an inspired role model. So hows the Spanish coming on? here is a useful phrase “Usted parece ser una buena persona, mi nombre es Martyn, puedo pero una copa de vino?” Anyway take care and keep me updated, Danny

  2. Fab to ‘see’ you again Martyn. Terrific update and great to see your pad (Jealous!)
    Remember, when the weather warms up, to give me a call 😉
    Look forward to seeing more…

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