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This is a message sent out today to 3500 people. Please use any of the below and help share the love 🙂

We are the duo of Martyn Sibley and Srin Madipalli: Wheelchair users, lads about town and editors of Disability Horizons.

Both of us have poured our ideas, imagination, energy, commitment and love into the past 15 months. The feedback, growth and utility shows we have created a much loved publication.

Now we need your to help share this love!

We currently reach 20,000 people, but know there are many more disabled people, family members, friends and professionals who can benefit from Disability Horizons.

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With a larger community of people; we can share, learn and progress life for disabled people much faster.

Many thanks for your support and stay in touch with your own ideas for Disability Horizons,

Martyn and Srin

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The Article

If you love socialising, travel or adventure; then this is definitely for you!

In November 2010, two disabled guys from London, on a roadtrip in California, dreamt up a huge project they wanted to bring to the world. Imagine two lifelong friends, two electric wheelchairs, two Personal Care Assistants, a hoist and an accessible car stirring up a big cocktail of imagination and innovation, during a dream adventure.

This idea was to start an online disability lifestyle magazine like no other…

After months of working hard to turn the vision into a reality; Martyn Sibley and Srin Madipalli launched Disability Horizons pioneers an innovative 21st century approach to disability by empowering an aspirational community to provide and share content that informs, inspires and entertains.

The Disability Horizons community is already 20,000 strong mostly through its social media channels, their readers write the articles, share their wealth of disability knowledge and progress towards their individual dreams together. Articles include personal stories on employment, sport, travel and relationships. The guys share many of their own daring escapades and have regular article contributions from high profile organisations, service providers, politicians, celebrities, entrepreneurs and various opinion formers that have the power to shape and change lives.

There is a page for readers to pose their own questions, an area to post unwanted disability items (the classifieds section), a resources profile page for disability companies to share useful products/services, and the Disability Horizons ‘Travel Zone’.

If you want to become part of this unique, vibrant and useful magazine; get in touch straight away!

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