Sponsored Post: More Than Able to Travel

Thankfully we live in a world where there is more consideration for disabled people than in the past. This means that people with disabilities can feel more confident about travelling, knowing that their needs will be considered. The travel company Thomson offers a diversity of places to visit that can be enjoyed by people with disabilities.

Many holidays can be enjoyed by disabled people, and in some of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. These destinations include Egypt, Florida, and the Caribbean, and European countries such as Greece, Italy, Turkey, Spain, and Cyprus. The recent Paralympics in London opened up the eyes of many as to what disabled people can do physically. There are unique activity holidays designed for people with disabilities that include cycling, climbing, and water sports. Many beaches are suitable for disable people, too.

A person with disabilities, who books a holiday through Thomson, will be given assistance at the airport, and an assurance that all accommodation will cater for their needs. The company can also help with organising travel from a local airport, which will make things more convenient.

Travelling to different locations can be beneficial to a person with disabilities for many reasons. Probably the most beneficial aspect of all is the confidence that it can give a person with disabilities. Some disabled people will yearn to travel, but are too conscious of their disability to dare to travel to other countries. Overcoming this fear can be life changing.

When the decision to travel has been taken, and the consequence is an enjoyable holiday, then people with disabilities can feel more confident about travelling again. Travelling can then result in a disabled person having a much richer life, and a life where they don’t feel so limited by their disability.

In the modern world, people with disabilities have more opportunities open to them than just a few decades ago. If a disabled person has a desire to travel and visit different countries there are many destinations that they can enjoy and revisit.

Travelling can also help in how a person with disabilities is perceived back at home. A disabled person, who sees a lot of the world, will be admired for not letting their disability get in the way of leading a life as full as possible.


  1. Martin wondering if you or your supporters/web crew can help me answer a question. I am a disabled man (18 stone, 6ft tall) using a power chair. I can slide board with assistance but do not have any strength in my legs to stand or swivel. I am desperate to travel abroad. My greatest fear/concern is how do i get on to a plane and get seated, and then get off again. Everything i’ve read doesn’t inspirer with any confidence! im aware of narrow wheelchairs on planes but have concerns due to my size weather i’d be able to use such equipment. Any advice greatly received.

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