Polish Project: Dignity and Equality

If you are in a hurry, please click on the fundraising page and donate just£10.

Do you remember my Epic European Disability Roadtrip last year? In October I travelled in my Motability car to my grandfathers homeland of Lithuania, down to Prague, back to the UK, and everywhere inbetween. I overcame personal barriers, met disabled people across Europe and spread a positive message.

On my first leg in Poland I met Boguslaw and Teresa. I learned about life in Poland with a disability: the lack of funding, lack of equipment, lack of care, their basic government disability policy and the negative attitudes of society.

Boguslaw was a national and international speedway champion. After an accident, he uses a wheelchair and is now invisible to his previously adoring public. He and Teresa shared with me their plan to ride around their country by wheelchair to raise awareness and to demand change.

The months have rolled by. As I’ve been working in Spain, nurturing Disability Horizons and so on; they have really pushed things along. The event is called ‘Dignity and Equality’, began on the 24th June, is running until the 4th August, and covers 2500 kilometres – all by wheelchair! Here’s their facebook page and blog.

The aims of the project are:

– Increase the government funding to disabled people and carers
– Implement full accessibility of public buildings
– Educate society on disability and the need for inclusivity
–  Specifically enhance the rehabilitation services following accidents and sports injuries

I love how life works out sometimes. I’ve recently been working with a company called Toda, based in Canada. I was introduced to them because my girlfriends dad, Tadeusz, is their representative in Poland. We are now the representatives in the UK, but more of this for another post. Toda is the main sponsor, and Tadeusz  is the main organiser of this amazing project. With him knowing my work and introducing me to the guys before; he asked me to take part.

You all know I’m always up for this kind of thing! So in one week we are driving to Poland, riding with the crew and supporting their great efforts. Amazingly, Woodstock Poland have taken the guys under their wing and promoting this project nationwide. On our penultimate day of riding (3rd August) we will be on stage, just before the Kaiser Chiefs!

This is why I’m writing to you all today. I’ve set up a crowd fundraising page to give them a boost of needed cash towards their costs. I’d love for any crazier wheelchair users reading to get out to Poland and support them too. For those who can’t make it, you can follow it through my eyes, online.