Different kind of disability campaigning!

A few weeks ago I launched a crowd-funding page for a brilliant project called Dignity and Equality, a Polish campaign started to raise awareness of disability and demand government change. It’s something I have supported this ever since meeting Boguslaw on my Epic European Disability Roadtrip, an ex-national and international speedway champion, who now uses a wheelchair after and accident. Since becoming disabled, he has become invisible to his previously adoring public.

Boguslaw told me all about life in Poland with a disability: the lack of funding, lack of equipment, lack of care, their basic government disability policy and the negative attitudes of society.

Something has to change, and sometimes, a ‘mad’ stunt is the best way to do it. To get the cause noticed, one lady aimed to go wheel herself 2,500km, meeting people, gathering petition signatures and changing the world along the way.

After raising over £800 I’d agreed to join the team for the last 2 days. Here’s the amazing video of how it all went last weekend:

It was fantastic! To ride along the roads to cheers, give nationwide media interviews and support such great people. The long-term outcomes remain to be seen by the government, but I’m proud and privileged to have been a part of this.

You can support the project on my Please Fund page.

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  1. Good day.

    I am an Multimedia designer that is physically disabled from South Africa with the ability to design from illustrating , graphic design, web development & design, video, photography& editing and also familiar with motion graphics. I love learning because i don’t know everything about design or the but there is room for improvement and growth to be one of the most recognized innovators and young designer of my generation.

    Well the innovation is about disability with me (Leonard) being a disabled individual i feel that society has accepted disabled people but they do not understand us, people with disabilities are still referred to as the “other” meaning the boundaries between able and disable are still there, so we came up with the idea of breaking down those boundaries to get the two groups to interact and understand each other.
    I know exactly how i am going to go about building this platform to help people with disabilities be understood. Please get back to me, i can not change the world alone.


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