Seeing the Wood for the Trees

Today I went off the beaten track for a walk. A strange sentence to read, and indeed to write, from a wheelchair user.

It’s a shame that language is sometimes used to cause offence. The general result is non-disabled people falling over themselves, so to not speak out of turn. While disabled people avoid certain terms, in case they’re violating the Political Correctness laws too. Some things get spoilt by the minority hey…

Nonetheless, I digress. Today I went for my own version of a walk – it was fantastic!

I’ve been so preoccupied lately with my calendar, admin, health, disability foundations, personal development, creativity, social impact, and finances; I have not been aware of the really important things in life – the moment.

The walk began with the usual ‘can’t be assed’ thought process. The minute I get cold, my hands turns into a claw, and my feet go a psychedelic colour. Once I was in my rhythm, something happened…

For the first time since I can remember, I could sense everything around me; I could see the contours on the pavement, the newly greening trees, the birds, and the blue sky; I could smell the fresh air and slight scent of burning in the distance; I could hear the birds, the people chattering, and the cars in the distance; I could taste and touch spring.

I came home, scoffed a chocolate biscuit and cup of tea, and slipped a hot water bottle under my icey feet.

After thawing, I was hit by new perspectives, and inspiring ideas swirled around. With new plans circulating, I just had to share this experience with you.

This my friends is an experiential example of Mindfulness! Something I hope to achieve more often. Not only for the new ideas and plans, but simply to appreciate what I am lucky to have in front of me everyday.

What do you do for inspiration? How do you switch off from daily pressures? I’m looking forward to hearing from you 🙂

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  1. My moments of inspiration and mindfulness is when I am doing activities with my children, specially my son Jordan who has SMA. When we go together to our nearest hydrotherapy pool my full attention goes to him, I love being very affectionate to him, I love kissing and biting his cheeks, tickling him and talking about the games he play on his x-box and his school daily activities.

    The closeness we get when we are both face to face in the pool is amazing.

    Also a moment of mindfulness ans inspiration is when I am playing soccer, or dancing kizoomba, bachata or salsa. For instance the smooth coordination I get with my partner when moving together to the rhythm of the music is marvelous

    Above is how I get inspire or get into a moment of mindfulness.

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