Learning and Doing

It’s been just over a week since returning from the big trip around Europe. In that time I’ve seen a bit of sun and a lot of rain. I’ve seen most of my family and friends. I’ve eaten my favourite UK based foods (particularly the yummy Lloyd Grossman tikka massala curry). I’ve read up more on the Greek crisis. The car failed it’s MOT, and thanks to Andys Kars and Motability it’s fixed again. On Sunday I saw Ed Sheeran at Wembley. I’m also off to London to see James Altucher speak.

It’s already been quite a return!

In recent times I’ve banged on a lot about my foundations. Thankfully, for now, my health/care/equipment/housing/finances/relationships are in a good place. Of course I’m always protecting, fighting and securing these. But overall I’m in a place where I can enjoy them, and concentrate on new and exciting things.

Project wise, I’m currently involved in Accomable (think airbnb for people with mobility difficulties), Disability Horizons (a disability lifestyle magazine in English, Italian, Polish, and other languages to follow), running my blog (a little mouthpiece of positive change), creating an eCourse on employment (with Evenbreak, Scope and eLearning expert Magdalena Mos), running Andys Kars social media marketing, and doing innovative collaborations with SMA Support UK.

I have two key areas I’m going to focus on within these projects; learning and doing.

Learning – with the amount of projects on my hands, and the growth of them too, I realise I need new skills and knowledge to help them succeed.

I’m gobbling up information on community building, media/marketing, accessible tourism, assistive technology, business and languages like there’s no tomorrow!

I’m currently reading ‘how to buld a billion dollar app’ by George Berkowski. I’m learning about growth hacking on the One Month learning platform. Plus I’m looking for Spanish classes.

I believe we should all continue to learn and grow. Regardless of our circumstances and situation. With the internet this has never been easier and cheaper.

Doing – Despite the time and financial investment I’m putting into learning, I’m not making the typical mistake of neglecting what Srin and I call our GSD mantra (Get Shit Done). So many people over think, over talk, over plan, over learn.

The real key to project success is ‘doing.’ We know our Objectives, Strategy, Tactics. We all win by trying, failing, learning by doing, and never giving up.

I hope you’re keeping well, enjoying summer and feeling happy. Feel free to share your news on the comments or @martynsibley on twitter.


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