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Think. Act. Pause. Learn. Repeat.

Time has flown by once again since my last post. With the solar system, earth and my mind still in tact (just about); all is ok though. I’m currently writing from our second (or is it third?) home, in Barcelona. We’re staying at MIC Sant Jordi for all of May before we head to Italy, Poland and Germany afterwards.

Our journey began on Sunday the 1st May from Plymouth to Santander with Brittany ferries. It was the calmest smoothest crossing ever. I love how we just drive on the boat in the car, take the lift to the cabin, then grab dinner looking out at the ocean, before sleeping and waking up to Spain. I really do have a soft spot for this country, and taking the boat is such a comfortable way to get here.

We didn’t arrive in Barcelona until Thursday 5th May because of a project in San Sebastian. My two part article is almost ready for publishing – you’re going to love it. This all followed a crazy time in the UK too with Accessible Travel Week, the SMA Support UK conference and exhibiting at Naidex for Disability Horizons.

Here’s our video from the SMA Support UK conference in Stratford upon Avon. If you can support this amazing charity please give a few pounds here. (Apologies for the low audio in the interviews. Please turn on the Youtube captions to see the subtitles!)

Disabiltiy Horizons team at Naidex
The Disability Horizons team at Naidex

After a few days of recovery in Barcelona, we ended up going to lots of interesting meetings. The weather was bad for a week, so we didn’t miss much. We’ve met the manager of MIC Sant Jordi, Guillermo, about business. We’ve met Borja from Adom Automacia (more to come about these guys in the San Sebastian article). We’ve met Isabel Godoy from Costa Brava tourism and were shown around an accessible Greek ruins from 600BC!

One of mine and Kasia’s highlights has been meeting Cristian and Nuria from Singular Entrepreneurs. I met Cristian after speaking on stage in Barcelona last December for an Accessible Tourism conference. He’s ended up launching Disability Horizons in Spain with us which is extremely exciting. Moreover he and his friend/colleague Nuria are the loveliest people you could ever meet. We ate, drank and chatted for hours. I’m very excited about collaborating with them more in the future.

On a couple of days I’ve finally had time to read, think, be still, and just look at how beautiful Kasia is. I really am such a lucky man. For many reasons. Particularly to have her in my life though.

Having thought, acted, and adjusted so much; my work projects are feeling good too. I’m working with some great clients at the moment for my consulting services. Disability Horizons has a strong vision/plan/team to support more disabled people in more ways than ever. Accessible Traveller is building slowly from its launch in April.

Overall I’ve been focusing back on my values and principles. It’s so easy to notice what we don’t have or feel overcome with too many options. I know the world wasn’t build with disabled people in mind. Slowly society is changing, and I’ll keep chipping away until it’s equal. However life’s too short to hate others or ourselves.

Enjoying time with Kasia, Cristian and Nuria in Barcelona.

My mum’s arriving to visit us tomorrow with my step dad. For just a few days I’m going to try and switch off from my world changing projects. I’m going to truly feel the sun on my face, and taste the wine. I’m going to touch the sand and listen to the sea. I’ve been far from the moment in recent months.

The best thing we can do, following sustained action, is to stop. To use our senses. To appreciate what we have. To enjoy the moment.

Don’t forget to share your news and thoughts on my blog in the comments or on social media. I hope you are well too 🙂

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  1. Hi Martyn, first of all congratulations for your blog and the Disability horizons initiative and webpage! We also met in Barcelona, when you came to visit Borja at BJ Adaptaciones / ADOM Autonomía (ADOM Autonomy). Just to tell you that it is very nice to see your pics in different places, always smiling, smiling at life. The right actitud that everyone, regardless their physical condition, should have. Thanks for sharing these pieces of happiness with the world! 🙂

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