Hope Not Hate

I’m writing this post from Poland. It’s around midday and I’m watching a guy called Jerzy Zieba lecture in a huge auditorium on the topic of alternative health. I can’t speak Polish and so I’m not following his thread whatsover. I know from Kasia’s dad, who works with him for Toda, that he’s an expert on why natural supplements and treatments are on the rise over traditional methods.

I don’t know enough about the topic to really comment. However this sense of an awakening in the room struck me against a backdrop of horrendous goings on in the world lately. The recent Orlando shootings against gay people, and the shocking murder of a caring Member of Parliament have really affected me. Even in my field of disability there was the #busgate hearing at the Supreme Court this week, which threatens to divide disabled people and parents with young children. Nowhere near as tragic, but societal regression nonetheless.

In terms of the Doug Paulley #busgate case I hope the Supreme Court rules in favour of wheelchair users and buggies. Personally the amount of times I’ve been delayed or missed appointments because of bus problems is disgusting. But I don’t understand why the law cannot state ALL transport must cater for BOTH wheelchair users and buggies. It’s really not rocket science.

Why does it feel like society is constantly being divided?

The thing that really upsets me is the total lack of tolerance and empathy with lots of people lately. Whether you are pro or anti European Union. Whether you are pro or anti immigration. Whether you are pro or anti alternative health. Whether you are pro or anti diversity (in both physical appearance and values/beliefs); people just need to listen more. Me included. We should all try and open our minds to different ways. To understand the different experiences and actions of others.

The problem is, beyond encroaching on being preachy, we can’t enforce ideas and actions on others. So what I decided to do immediately is start with MYSELF. I’m ensuring my body is healthy from good food and sleep. I’m reading lots of books and blogs with fresh ideas. I’m enjoying every day with loved ones (I can’t wait to see everyone in the UK soon after so long away!). I’m reminding myself of the good deeds I’ve seen and the many amazing things still in my life.

Gradually this altered my sad mood from all the news that got me feeling so down. One of the inspired results was I’ve decided to launch a new project for disability issues in July. It’ll be a great complimentary resource to Disability Horizons for thousands of people and a vehicle for campaigning against injustice. Furthermore I’m starting to feel the world can and is waking up to all of this unnecessary hatred.

I saw today that people are donating in memory of the MP Jo Cox to Hope not Hate so I signed up and donated too. In conclusion, I hope the hate can be beaten by us all. I hope by changing our own day to day actions, compassion will finally prevail.

It’s good to hope 🙂


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