The Struggle

I heard a story before about a guy fishing in a remote lake. Whether it was true I’m unsure and who told me I can’t recall. However the story was of a city slicker visiting this beautiful lake for a holiday, and he spotted a fisherman.

The story goes on that the fisherman was prolific, and the holiday maker couldn’t believe his eyes. It was like the fish were jumping into the tiny boat.

The city slicker waited for the fisherman to come back to the sure. He said to the fisherman how he could help get investors to scale the enterprise, grow the business, and make him rich.

The fisherman said to the entrepreneur — what will you do when you’ve made your money and retire?

The entrepreneur thought. Scratched his head. Finally he said he’d probably move out to the nature, buy a boat, go fishing, spend time with family, and enjoy all of lifes little moments.

As the fisherman grabbed his catch for the day, he started to walk home, and turned to say “so why would I want to struggle for years with the stress, worry, and fatigue? I have everything I want right now”.

It’s clearly one of those ‘moral’ stories that we could pick apart and swap objections to it. For sure it’s an idealistic thought.

I do believe we all crave this struggle. We all need the mission. We all delay our happiness for future promises. Maybe sometimes we should appreciate what we have now. Enjoy today.

I’m the worst person to be mindfull, but I’m trying. This story really strikes a chord that very often our dreams are, in fact, already our reality! We have to just open our eyes.

Martyn Sibley

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