Airbnb Acquire Accomable – Proof of the Purple Pound

Yesterday Airbnb completed the acquisition of Accomable. An accessible travel business I co founded in 2015 with Srin. What started out an idea between 2 childhood friends, has ended up a game changer for disabled consumers. In the travel industry, and beyond.

There’s more info about yesterdays sale on the BBC.

Firstly I want to congratulate Srin and the Accomable team. I’m sure it’s not been easy to sell a company to a huge billion dollar business. You guys must feel very proud! 🙂

Secondly huge accolades must go to Airbnb. We hear a lot about legislation, doing the right thing, and the £249bn disabled consumer spending power in the UK alone. All cited as good reasons for accessibility and inclusion.
Unfortunately talk and action has been a very different thing.

This move really throws down the gauntlet to other companies. It’s proof that disabled customers want what any customer wants. Goods and services that solve our wants and needs. Respect to Airbnb for taking real action!

I left Accomable last year to focus on Disability Horizons and my consultancy work. The same energy and determination that Srin and I put into Accomable in the early days will carry on. I’m sure Srin will really drive Airbnb and travel to a far greater place.

Meanwhile I’m launching a personal development zone on Disability Horizons in January. To give even more skills and knowledge to our disabled community.

We all need to fight for inclusion. The more people doing it, the better.

Our Disability Horizons community will be working with other big brands in 2018. Supporting them with how to be inclusive, and reap the rewards of the Purple Pound. Whilst our motivation and mission is all about inclusion and justice. There are many businesses responding well to this win:win way.

Our community will also be hot on the government’s heels. With welfare, social care, wheelchair, and other assistive equipment funding being cut – we still need to fight for our rights as citizens.

We need independent living and inclusion side by side. I’ll save giving a cheesy metaphor on this one :-p
As I spend this weekend feeling proud of this accomplishment, I’m even more buoyed up to keep changing the world.

One tiny bit at a time. And 100% with you. Our loyal community.

Thank you for always being there. For cheering us on. Telling us when we stray. And helping us on this inclusion journey 🙂

Catch you on the flip side!


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