Episode 20: AJ Leon – You are the protagonist

I knew I needed to get out. There wasn’t anything dangerous going down, but I felt a pull to go and see the world. However people don’t just quit their jobs. Not away from the movies anyway. So I needed a plan!

Its funny how a strong feeling and a vision can lead to serendipitous moments. Not long after I broadened my horizons, I met AJ and Melissa Leon.

I’ve shared a few times the impact this beautiful couple had on my life. They empowered me to create martynsibley.com, to blog, to educate, to share my vision of inclusion, and to go explore the world.

In this podcast episode I get to sit with AJ, pass on his powerful story to you guys, ask questions I’d never got the chance to ask, and generally enjoy this amazing guy’s wisdom.

We discuss how you should be the protagonist of your life’s story (adventure is good). You’ll also learn about balancing this with helping others and earning a stable income. An all important triangle.

It’s all gold dust. I hope you take something extremely helpful away for yourself from this interview 🙂

Thank you to AJ for giving up his time, and to both him and Melissa for being such powerful role models on my journey.

Martyn Sibley

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