Continual Learning

I’ve written a lot about continually learning. If you want to make social impact, earn a living while doing it, and feel good as you go; education is the key!

Social impact – it’s impossible to make a change without geeking out on the history and culture of a community. I’ve read so much about disability rights, and I regularly learn from other disabled people, to understand where we are and where we could go.

Earning a living – when I started blogging nearly 10 years I was in a full time job. Then I left in 2011 to start my own business. I thought the money would just roll in! After some stress and struggles I made it work. It was only through education that I found the right business model.

Feeling good – As mentioned in The Daily Sib, I’m currently at Mindvalley University. The guy behind this crazy brilliant idea is Vishen Lakhiani. He talks about a fulfilling life stemming from good experiences, personal growth and social contribution. Through education, I’ve grown so much, and he’s right – it does feel amazing 🙂

What are your experiences of learning after the typical education years? Do you read lots, absorb interesting podcasts, learn from relevant YouTube teachers, take courses or something else? What do you want to know more of?

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