Spirituality and Politics

Another week has passed by. After a slight catch of breath last Sunday, it was a full on with our first full week at Purple Goat!

Meeting the Goats

I had a great couple of days meeting all the account managers, campaign managers, operations team and so on at the main Goat Agency. Who are the co founders of Purple Goat.

So collaboration and synergy is key. I also attended the team quiz on Friday evening which was great fun.

Still livestreaming

I continued my #thedailysib interviews too. At noon every weekday on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn.

This week I interviewed Jane Hatton of the jobs board Evenbreak, human rights lawyer Chris Fry, Open Inclusions Christine Hemphill, Neil Heslop CEO of Leonard Cheshire and a very special guest…

My special guest

Having known him since childhood and being inspired by him to go to university, I also sat down with inclusive growth expert Toby Mildon.

Toby has SMA like me, and shares his story of living with a disability. He went on to work for huge companies like Accenture, BBC and Deloitte. Before forming his own company around inclusive growth.

To watch our livestream head to YouTube here.

To listen to it as a podcast head to Anchor here.

Garden Reading

With the beautiful weather I’m gradually tearing myself from Amazon Prime and Netflix. At least reducing my consumption there. Instead I’m on more Spotify and Audible, with some interesting and inspiring garden reads.

I’ve just finished Hilary Clintons – What happened. Which I found a little repetitive and blaming everybody else. But it did balance my view of her having only heard bad things through the 2016 election.

I’m currently listening to Russell Brands podcast – under the skin – and the episode with Marianne Williamson. They’re discussing if spirituality can be of help to our divisive politics. I found it interesting to hear how some spirituality has been squashed under the guise of extreme religious fanaticism.

Evidently there is a place for compassion, gratitude, forgiveness and yet healthy abundance in our politics, communities and society. It’s going to be interesting how we all find an economic and political system that addresses social issues like poverty, starvation, climate change, disease and mental health.

Your week

Phew, that was intense, but ultimately very important stuff. Anyway, how’s your week been? What have you been up to? I hope you are safe and well!

Catch up with you next weekend.