Representation in media

Back in 2010, on an adventurous roadtrip from San Francisco to Los Angeles via Vegas, my friend Srin Madipalli and I dreamed up something disruptive and innovative. 

On the trip as wheelchair users we’d experienced challenges, we’d experienced exhilarating moments, and we’d experienced a fundamental realisation:

As disabled people we were never given a platform to speak from. A place to feel understood with life’s challenges. A place to share our own unique moments. This was exactly what Disability Horizons would become!

With a talented editor at the helm, and a band of brilliant volunteers, the magazine has become a mainstay of representation of disability in media. By disabled people for disabled people! 

Unfortunately the mainstream media and marketing world are still playing catch up. Undoubtedly things have improved in recent years. Yet every day content showcases a measly amount of disabled people when compared to the 22% in society.

– why do you think this is?

– how can we narrow the representation gap?

– for you, what is important about representation of all aspects of society?

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