Games Day

Metaphors are everywhere when we try to find them. So maybe this post resonates with me because of specific circumstances today. However I’m interested if you think I’m on to something…

This week I’ve been doing a lot of reflection, analysis, strategy and planning for Purple Goat.

Today I really needed a switch off. So while Kasias been doing her final exam, I’ve played games today. I’ve packed a lot in too – FIFA, chess and poker. All online of course.

What’s struck me just now. And I did warn you, it might be a squeeze of a metaphor. In trying to win on FIFA, chess and poker, there’s a lot of similarities to winning in life and business. Strategy being the main thread here.

I’ll let you know if this time away from work, and the game theory within my childlike day, leads to any particular insights. But for now, I wanted to share how fun it’s been to play, and yet observing how I tend to bring it back business in the end anyway ?

So let me know. What do you do to switch off? What are your favourite games?

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