I have had a quite quiet week since the last blog. Monday I stayed in. Tuesday I went for a drink with some work colleagues to the nearby regular around the corner.

Yesterday and today I have not felt so good with a cold brewing and really needing a loooong sleep. Its often the way when the nights draw in and the weather turns colder – I have to be a bit more careful with my health. Generally I go through a winter with a couple bouts of anti-biotics and a couple of days off work. the risk is that a cold goes to my chest, as I cant cough hard it can turn into an infection and so I really have to rest up.

Hopefully this is just a minor cold and will pass but it does mean I have no crazy antics to report. One things to mention newswise is the this link

Off the back of my transport blog I think this shows the lack of commitment to support the abolishment of transport segregation going forward. Any thoughts or ideas on getting this point across politically let me know. I’m off to ponder this and then watch newsnight – going to be interesting with BNP leader Nick Griffin on it tonight!