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Its almost 1 week since the last blog where I mentioned the cold brewing. I’ve not been up to much. The only thing really was my sleep study on Monday night in Papworth hospital. An annual study to look at my breathing and blood gas levels. if problems are detected they can be treated quicker than when they effect my daily routine.

The brilliant irony of the ‘sleep study’ is I am on a ward of people who have bad breathing issues and all sorts of machines. to sleep is impossible. i swear I was opposite darth vader and lord voldemort Monday night. the other guy got a bout of the trots (no, not swine flu – the back end explosive scenario). so i spent hours hearing beeps, coughs, gasps and farts. not nice at all. one bonus was the lung function nurse was pretty and flirty, no numbers swapped but passed the time 😉

The day tests showed I am well, but the night observations showed lower levels than last year. It was agreed this was due to my horrendous cough and not general decline – good news! so its over for another yr. bad news is they have put me on antibiotics and I am feeling very unwell. having such a pathetic cough means i cant clear my chest, stuff sits there and becomes infected, creating more stuff which I cant clear… and well you get the picture. hopefully the medicine will clear the stuff (sorry dont like the word phlegm or greeny) and I will be ok by the end of the week. for now its sleep and rest and eat. just trying not to stress about missing work for now.

My aunty Diane has written an amazing blog on ME which I will be posting tomorrow. Thanks for that Diane! Hopefully by the weekend I will be more healthy and back to normal.