Merry Christmas

Well xmas is almost here! I am very excited now. I must say the ‘fresh and care-free’ feeling I had post USA has definitely dissipated though. So what have I been up to lately?  Its hard to believe it was only 3 weeks ago I returned from my trip. Blog wise, its been great to have shared the memories of such an amazing journey and hopefully pass on some learnings of disability travel. Then of course there was the ILF announcement. Thanks for all of your Retweets and sharing of my blog on this. It felt so important to share the real consequences of such a decision.

In terms of why that feel-good-factor has twindled relates to the time of year. We all would prefer to hibernate mid-winter and with all the xmas frenzy we all would like to curl up with some mulled wine and a few chocolates. However, we have been hit by an extremely cold snap too draining us that little bit more. Add into the mix my susceptibility for chest infections and the practical issues of wheelchairs and snow, I am not quite the chilled dude I was 3 weeks ago.

Since the holiday has been great, but I have just gone into safe mode, to coin a computer related phrase. In an attempt to not get ill again (and even before the cold snap), I ensured I ate well, slept lots and stayed warm. Overall I have been settling back into work after my while away. We had the fundraising and Scope xmas party on consecutive days, 2 weeks ago. For fundraising we went to a nice bar in Camden. For the Scope wide party, we had ‘Scope’s got talent’, where 6 acts from the charity fought for the coveted title judged by the CEO, 2 directors and our cool receptionist. This was followed by some more drinks and a nice catch up with people from other departments. I was in bed by 11 both nights! What happened to that party animal I was in my younger days?

Then, this Saturday just gone, my friend Matt (@smegfirk) whom I travelled on the school bus with many moons ago visited. We had a nice catch up before Rico, Chrissi, Steffen and Flo arrived – aka ze germans. They barely made it through the snow with their total journey taking 12 hours. Due to my cars special hand controls (video link – not fairing too well in snow, I have been car-less. Also with a good inch or so of the white stuff I have not even been able to get my wheelchair along the pavement on my road. It is housing association owned and has not been gritted. So Saturday we stayed in for singstar action with Matt ( and Sunday for a pro evolution soccer marathon on the Playstation 3. We also tucked some amazing German bratwurst sausages.

I managed to get a taxi to work Monday but over 2 hours late! The company are a nightmare for taking a booking, charging a fee and then not allocating a driver. I think this was the point I felt a little stressed as I hate being late for anything. Furthermore I had been stuck in all weekend because of the snow. So since this I have been taking the ‘whatever will be will be’ attitude. The guys left yesterday morning and it was great to see them, despite our limitations of activities. I know next time they come in warmer climates we will do more around London.

So I finish work tomorrow and am heading back to St.Ives for a nice family Christmas. Fingers crossed the transport routes will allow, as I have no carers in London for the festive break lol. I’m sure all will be fine and once I have enjoyed a few days rest, quality time with friends/family and a chance to look back on a great year, I will feel recharged to go again. My next blog will be more of generic 2010 recap. Believe me there’s been a lot too!

Merry Christmas to you all 🙂