I’m still here

I have recently had some friendly contact from you guys asking why I haven’t written any overarching or political articles of late. I cannot express how busy I have been with the daily grind of self employment: keeping on top of emails, rolling out #disabilitywebinars with Hackney Council and Scope (now both live for their audiences), delivering the webinar series for https://martynsibley.com/, interviewing an amazing variety of disabled people for http://disabilityhorizons.com/ and prospecting new contracts for later in the year. I can assure you this is all said in the most positive of ways and actually is not the reason for my lack of ‘real’ writing.

Alongside all of the nuts and bolts of running my social enterprise, I have just finished writing a book! It outlines a new theory I have created on how disabled people can excel in life. It uses personal experiences alongside professional knowledge. It is currently in the design stages and I plan to launch “The Disability Diamond Theory” ebook next week. The even cooler thing is it will be free to download. Stay tuned in for more information. My usual article standards will be resumed thereafter 😉

You will hopefully have noticed that my recent posts have been lighter but just as engaging. To quickly update you on recent news:

  • The twitpoll results are in and you have sent me to (drum roll please) – Edinburgh! https://martynsibley.com/where-will-you-send-me. So I am in the middle of setting up meetings to collaborate with Disabled People’s Organisation in the city, beginning logistical arrangements and I will keep you posted. Of course, a video blog of my exploration north of the border will ensue.
  • The wheelchair WiFi hotspot project has stalled slightly https://martynsibley.com/wheelchair-wifi-hotspot. I need to purchase a dongle and data package for the cool device sponsored to me. Being so early days with my social enterprise I cannot afford this cost and so I am seeking a sponsor for this element of the project. Please get in touch if you can help.
  • If you haven’t already done so, feel free to watch a recent talk I delivered on ‘disability and technology’ and also the video of my birthday trip to Bournemouth https://martynsibley.com/category/video

I am off to prepare for the book launch, tidy my inbox up and chill out over the weekend. I have a friend visiting tomorrow and we will probably head to Camden for a catch up and a drink. I wish you all a great weekend!