Olympics seeking wheelchair users

My plan was to do a little video following xmas, and prior to the new year. Having drank lots of vodka xmas eve in the infamous http://www.musicboxstives.co.uk/ and eaten so much food since, I am not feeling tip top today. The video shall still be done, just not now 🙂 The xmas period was lovely with family and we saw a pantomime for the first time in years boxing day http://www.royalandderngate.co.uk/en/RoyalDerngateTheatres/en/Home/WhatsOn/JackTheBeanstalk. Nuff said!

So, while I have some down time, I have 2 cool bits of news and a request for help with the Olympics. Firstly, following my meeting Professor Dubawitz at the JTSMA conference, my article was published in his international journal last week, cool hey. Then after many shares and tweets for my ILF article within the disability world; http://thethirdestate.net/2010/12/how-abolishing-the-ilf-will-affect-real-people/ and http://falseeconomy.org.uk/cuts/testimony/what-will-replace-the-independent-living-fund-the-dread-kicks-in spread this important news. Its been nice to see my writing reach newer audiences and raise awareness on these passionate issues and views.

Finally please read the below and pass on to anyone who can help. I hope you had a great xmas time too and are as ready as I am for 2011, its gonna be a big one!

From a contact I made recently for London 2012:

As part of our process we will be conducting user testing for the website, and we very much hope to include a wheelchair user as one of the testers for this. However, we are finding it very difficult to find a wheelchair user who is available on January 6th, and who preferably has an interest in sport.

We require someone who is:

– Available to attend on January 6th 2011, at a facility in Central London.

– A wheelchair user

– Regularly travels in London

– Has an interest in sport, or who has attended sporting events in London.

The session itself will simply consist of us asking them their opinion about a prototype web site. There are no wrong answers, and anything they can tell us will be valuable. They will receive £30 on the day for their hour’s time.

If you think you may be able to help, please let me know as soon as you can. If you are able to suggest this to a number of people who may be interested, it may be easiest to direct them straight to the short survey at the following link, which will help us confirm that they are suitable: