Don’t Deny Your True Self

When we are growing up our parents and teachers give us guidance. People often debate the benefits of structure v self discovery. Good parents and good teachers give us both. We need enough parameters to get started and have some direction. However we also need space and time to understand ourselves. Our dreams, our likes, our strengths.

Only we can find our true self.

Once we leave education, work tends to replace this. We still have a building to go to, a boss giving us structure, and hopefully room to learn and develop.

In recent times this has changed. People work from home. People are self employed. People sometimes stop aspiring, stop learning, and stop developing. We feel it’s for younger people, and there are other ‘more pressing and urgent priorities’ at hand.

The reality is we are built to have aspirations. Jason Silva in his videos talks about how we have and do ‘want’ in an insatiable way. Without our constant curiosity, constant questioning, and constant progress; we sacrifice our core being.

I used to be very skeptical of life and career coaches. However as I’ve got older — without the educational parameters, without the guidance, without the direction — I’ve come around to the benefits of having this independent support.

I’ve benefited from people who listened, asked the right questions, and helped me progress. Moreover I’ve mentored and coached others in the same way, to great effect.

I’m not saying we all need a mentor or coach. But I am saying we all need to sometimes stop, take a breath, listen to our intuition, resist stagnation, dream of our future self, and unashamedly go for it.

As my mentor and friend AJ Leon says “Knowing what you don’t want is all you need to start the adventure of a lifetime.”

I’m still on my personal adventure, but I kick-started it when I left my old routine, and followed my dreams to travel. My destination is only defined by my zest for life. The journey is the bit to enjoy the most!

Martyn Sibley

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