WHAT DISABILITY?: John O’Groats trek

what-disabilityHaving seen a large part of the world by train, plane and automobile (and Europe alone with Filipe in my adapted car for the EEDR); it was time to do something super silly!

In June 2013, Kasia and I decided to travel approximately 1100 miles on a new form of transport.

Beginning on September 6th 2013, and aiming to finish on October 5th 2013; we pledged to go from John o Groats (furthest northern point of Scotland) to Lands End (furthest southern point of England) by wheelchair and bicycle.

what disAbility map

The aims of the trip are:

– to challenge ourselves individually more than ever before
– as an ambassador for Britain’s Personal Best; to advocate this Olympic legacy/Big Lottery funded project and increase sign-ups on www.whatsyours.org
– to show the world a positive view of disability
– to show disabled people what is truly possible
– to live for the moment and do what you believe in

Even getting to a position where the trip could take place was extremely difficult. We needed a safe route, equipment, money PR and goodwill! Here’s how it went:

– For Kasia’s bike Halfords sponsored her a Victoria Pendleton and all the accessories she needed
– Regarding health and fitness we were sponsored by TODA Herbal to use their immune boosting drops
– I had to self fund £320 for spare wheelchair batteries. Expensive but necessary. Other sponsors declined this item.
– I recruited a care assistant, support driver and planning/logistics manager. Martin Gascoigne was a crucial piece of the puzzle. Thanks mate.
– He’ll be following us closely for safety in my adapted Kia car. Thanks to Andys Kars and Andys Ark for ensuring my car and chair are ready
– Britain’s Personal Best sponsored accommodation, food and petrol
– Britain’s Personal Best also provided vast amounts of PR, alongside Scope. Before we set off; tv, radio and newspapers had supported
– ‘Just ask James’ designed our safety banner/flags and Footprint printed them for free
– Cotswold Outdoor kindly gave us a free fleece and 20% off our expedition clothing

So my call to actions for you are:

– Spread the message
– Follow the blog and tweets
– Come and say hi if you’re along our route

– PLEASE GIVE ALL YOU CAN TO OUR NOMINATED CHARITIES: Scope, Variety – the children’s charity and Womens Aid.

From September 6th you can follow daily blog posts on www.martynsibley.com, and general updates on www.disabilityhorizons.com and www.whatsyours.org.


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